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“If you can show me a more qualified broker to be your supervisor, mentor, friend, & collaborator — I’ll buy you lunch at the restaurant of your choice!”

I don’t sell (anymore). With over 30 years of management experience, I want to do what I do best. That is to mentor, collaborate, train, advise, befriend and work along side you to help you sell. It doesn’t matter whether you just need an office to collect your commissions or you’re just starting to develop your sphere of influence or need help developing your effective long term contact management system. Come join the Velie Real Estate team and experience the difference. All office leads go to the Realtors who register their license with Velie Real Estate. Regardless of your experience you can be part of the team. You are in control. You can pick and choose your own compensation based on your experience and confidence.

How can anyone be so confident with such an offer to 100,000 Realtors?

It’s certainly NOT arrogance. The two best pieces of advice I gave my son and daughter who are now at UF & UCF: (1) Never say anything bad about anyone else. Two things will result. First you’ll spend time worrying if it will get back to that person and the person you made the derogatory comment to will spend time wondering what you say about them when they’re not around and think less of you. (2) Be humble! No one will want to help you if you’re not. In fact, they may sabotage your career aspirations and you may never know about it. All it takes is one negative comment to the wrong person and your aspirations are damaged! In a Realtor’s case, the business is lost.

Ok, I’ll get to the point! I bring to the table over 30 years of management experience, over 20 years of formal education, 9 years owning and managing Velie Real Estate, Unequalled product knowledge, etc., etc., etc. Dare you to take the challenge!

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