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Whether you’re a home owner who needs to move, an investor, or retirement planning with a self-directed IRA, you need a property manager to cover your back and make it hassle free. And frankly, YOU NEED a tangible real estate asset in your portfolio to diversify and protect your wealth.

1) HOMEOWNERS: If you find yourself having to move and need a property manager, or if you’re not sure whether to sell your home before moving, please call us. The biggest complaints property investors have about their rental properties is the time, hassles, & uncertainty they can present. By hiring Velie Real Estate, these issues are overcome. First we will equip you with our proprietary “Property Investor’s Analysis.” Then we equip you with our proprietary “Seller’s Net Proceeds Analysis.” You will gain the knowledge you need to make rational decisions and be confident without a doubt. We find and screen tenants, collect rents, manage maintenance, deal with tenant issues, enforce the lease, and handle the bookkeeping. All while keeping you informed about your property.
2) INVESTORS: By owning a rental property you can benefit from excellent returns as well as reduced financial risk from a diversified portfolio, the tax advantages of depreciation, operating cost deductions, and deferred capital gains. You can also benefit with a positive cash flow from rental income, and a tangible asset that increases in value. Click here to see how we fool proof your decision making with our “Investor’s Property Analysis.”

3) RETIREMENT PLANNERS: We will assist you by walking you through the entire process of diversifying your portfolio with rental property income into a self- directed IRA. With Velie Real Estate as your property manager, diversifying into real estate is hassle free, and more profitable than your current 401K or IRAs. Diversifying after the next big crash is the stupid mentality that afflicts the masses. You make money betting against the masses by not following them over the cliff!

  • EXAMPLE: Buy a $100,000 property for cash from your self-directed IRA funds. Rent the property for $1,100 per month ($13,200 per year). That’s 13.2% annual return on investment (ROI) before expenses. Buy two properties with $50K down each and double your ROI to a staggering 26.4% before expenses! Let us show you how!



  1. We offer complete property management services at HALF THE COST of the competition. 5% is half the local going rate of 10% but our service still meets or exceeds the competition.
  2. We can find tenants faster and for more rent so you don’t miss any potential income. (Over 100 properties rented in Brevard since 2010)
  3. Our proprietary  “Investor’s Property Analysis” makes it perfectly clear where you stand with the return on your investment. We prove to you that you can still make money even if you have a monthly negative cash flow!
  4. We focus on long term property maintenance so that when it is time so sell, you have a valuable asset that is in demand.
  5. We take all the responsibility for the rental property so it’s just as hassle free as your 401K or IRA plan so you can focus on the good life.
  6. We’re experienced in helping you rollover funds to a self-directed IRA so you can have a long and happy retirement not dependent on the greed of wall street who sticks it to the little guy every time.


a)  Liaison to your tenants

b)  Leases preparation & distribution

c)  Move-in & out checklists

d)  Rent negotiations

e)  Coordinate showings with outgoing tenants

f)  Property inspections

g)  Tenant responsibilities (i.e., filters)

h)  Serve 3-day notices

i)  Initiate eviction proceedings

j)  Rent collections

k)  Fees collections (i.e. late fees)



a)  Long term contractor relationships saving you money

b)  Long term preservation mind set

c)  Cost gathering & analysis for repair recommendations

d)  Project management

e)  Accountability to owner for receipts, invoices, & quotes

f)  Proactive risk & loss prevention



a) Market Snapshot reports/updates (Sample one by clicking here)

b) Rental Comparable Market Analysis

c) AdministrativeSupport

d) Florida Landlord Tenant Act expert knowledge

e) Community Relations with cities, HOA’s, and Condos

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